ReArtù chooses only the highest quality materials

Windtex is a thermo-regulating membrane which, besides repelling water and wind and maintaining the microclimate between skin and fabric unaltered, is elastic and light.

These last two characteristics, above all the elasticity, are our flagship.
In fact, other membranes similar to Windtex do not possess the same elasticity and lightness.

Super Roubaix is ​​a snappy stretch fabric, breathable, durable, soft, comfortable and easy to maintain.

It is used in the making of winter tights.

ADVANSA’s Coolmax® is a high-efficiency fabric that helps the performance of athletes and those who wear it.

Using DuPont’s Dacron® fibers, Coolmax® removes sweat from the skin and pushes it towards the outer layer of the fabric, where it evaporates faster than with any other material.

In the tests carried out, the Coolmax® garments dried almost completely in 30 minutes.
In comparison, cotton remains moist at about 50%.

SHIELD is a warp-proof elastic fabric, smooth, a modern lycra.

It is used for shorts and salopettes.

LYCRA® is an elastomeric fiber with unique properties of elongation and recovery of the original shape.

It is never used alone, but always mixed with the other fibers. The exclusive characteristics of the LYCRA® fiber allow it to be stretched up to seven volterispected to the initial dimensions, and then return perfectly to the initial state once the tension is released, giving to the garments that contain the perfect recovery of the shape, excellent wearability and freedom of movement.

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